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Do Rich Men Make You Happier ?

Happiness is the fulfillment of all human desires and striving. Every individual defines it for themselves in complex ways. It spans from a feeling of happiness, a lucky coincidence, a positive ending of a difficult situation to a fateful turn in life. While "happiness" or "being happy" used to describe a person`s emotional condition and maintaining his or her psychological and mental health was the highest aim for a long time, this term and its meaning has broadened in the course of the processes of modernization. Several other areas of life, in which people seek fulfillment, are attributed to "happiness" mainly in financial and material terms. In uncertain times, which are affected by notions like "economy crisis" or "loss of values", financial security and material status play a decisive role, which can also be the foundation in relations. Now the question, if rich men can make a woman happier than the average earner, arises. At first this question seems to be superficial as interpersonal harmony and love between partners are the most important constants in a relation still it is not uncommon to continue thinking about "love and happiness" in the direction of material security.

When a situation occurs in which the male part is wealthy and prosperous one automatically asks for the "happiness factor" of this constellation, which means in plain language: do rich men make you happier ?

Without a doubt wealth is a privilege and everybody enjoying it will know how to make use of it. Often money is connected with luxury and power and it does not matter if this status has been self-achieved or not. In terms of love it is still about men courting women, being gentlemen, conquering their hearts; when sufficient financial means are available, it is easier for men to win over the desired queen of hearts by spoiling her with expensive gifts. Let`s face it, can any woman really resist ? Isn`t it flattering for a sophisticated lady to be invited to the most expensive gourmet restaurant, letting the evening close with a glass of champagne receiving a carefully chosen gift in form of a precious piece of jewelry ?

A life of luxury can be uplifting and opens up doors to all areas of life. Isn`t it relieving for a woman to be able to cruise the city, maybe spotting a certain object of desire in form of a pair of stylish shoes, not having to worry if this not necessarily needed pair is within the budget. Not having to spend the next summer vacation in a tourist-infested bathing resort in Spain but rather experiencing a few relaxed days on the husband`s private yacht at the French seaport of Saint-Tropez ? Moving from a rented apartment to a big villa with swimming pool and roof terrace in southern Europa or even the USA ? Pretty comforting thoughts ?

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