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What women want: Are successful men more attractive ?

Choice of partners is definitely not accidental: young woman and mature man with a big difference in age as lovers ? No problem nowadays, everything is possible ! Love knows no boundaries, according to the motto "Where love strikes"... In choosing a partner only the "how to" counts, especially the question "What are the desired characteristics of my dream partner". In most cases women as well as men quickly find an adequate answer to this question. This is how partner search profiles are set up, which can be scanned for certain attributes of a new potential partner.

What are the requirements of a modern woman towards her prospective partner ?

Criteria like well-kept appearance, positive attitude and humor also well as faithfulness, honesty and reliability are among the "basics" by now. They are essential when looking for a partner. Once the first contact has been made and the first date has been arranged, this rendez-vouz determines the interpersonal sympathy, this "certain feeling", the first signs of a crush in the crucial moment...

When does a women get this "certain feeling" ? Of course the appearance of a man plays an important role adding to cultivated conversation and spending enough attention while talking. But is this enough ? For the first moment, while getting to know a stranger, this is absolutely sufficient. In case of mutual sympathy the phase of getting to know each other goes into extra time. The conversation becomes deeper. In case the flirt partner is successful in his profession, grounded and integrated in a social environment, the woman will become attentive. She will show more interest, the flirt becomes more intense, she wants to know more about the person, a private atmosphere is generated. The conversation develops, irrelevant set phrases and initial insecurity are forgotten. The meeting subtly went into round two.

Why is that so ? According to scientific research this behavior is no extraordinary phenomenon but more of a natural instinct of the woman, who unconsciously sees a strong and potent partner at her side, with whom she might fulfill a potential desire for children. The classic role of the male was being the breadwinner, the hunter, whose strength protected the entire family. Nowadays dismissed as a mere metaphor from ancient times this basic belief is still included in the view on masculinity.

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