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Where Do I Find A Millionaire ?

Ladies, haven`t you asked yourself this question before ? "Where Do I Find A Millionaire ?" Didn`t you notice that millionaires are not only to be found in the world of celebrities, unreachable for the average woman ? There`s an end of it ! That`s an misapprehension ! Every woman can find her millionaire, she just has to know where. There are more opportunities than you might have expected until now. It`s about the right locations ! And this doesn`t mean the well-known celebrity events such as movie opening nights and after show parties. Aside from the red carpets and the world of glamour there are several other terrains to explore, which might open the door to a millionaire. A few basic conditions have to be fulfilled while searching and finding. The quest already starts with the right city, with an emphasis on the word "city". The bigger the number of inhabitants the higher the probability of meeting a millionaire. Obviously fewest millionaires reside in provincial towns or rural areas. The message is simple: The bigger the better ! In Germany the following cities would be of interest: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. You already live in one of these cities ? Great ! If not, it`s about time to plan your next city trip carefully. You are a night person to be found in clubs dancing and partying at night ? Then don`t visit just any club rather pick carefully. Every major city has a so-called celebrity or scene club. In Berlin this would be the 90 Grad, in Munich the P1. On the respective club and event web sites you will definitely find the hot spot of every city. Often a millionaire stands right next to you on the dance floor, without you even noticing and maybe some celebrity can be seen. You might as well give it a try !

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